“Blogging is so 20th century!”


Thus exclaimed a young colleague in a meeting of clergy. What? Am I yet again an old fuddy duddy luddite, always behind the latest trends?

Well, probably so. I was way behind in entering the blogosphere, and now I’m told it’s so yesterday.

She doesn’t want to read a long explanation of anything–just some tweet-length calls to action!

I can appreciate that. Some of us spend way too much time thinking or meeting or planning instead of actually doing something.

Sure enough, in early 2010: Blogging is Out

But that’s probably outdated, too. A Twitter feed really is a good way to keep up with a fast moving story. You get a general impression, but not necessarily up to journalistic standards.

Don’t we need it all? Tweet, post, blog, essay, article, in-depth reporting, systematic thinking, doctoral studies . . . and daily activities, social interaction, conversations, encounters, service, action, experience . . . It all works together to save us from ourselves.

Alone, we are one. Together, the connections continue to mulitply. Then alone again, we are changed.

What do you think?

About Kathleen

Spiritual Companion since 2016: A spiritual companion simply converses with one person or small group at a time to explore their connections with the universe or higher power of their understanding. Support, companionship, and mutual growth are keys to successful spiritual direction, along with a safe space for exploration. For 25 years I served several congregations as Pastor or as Consultant to pastors and/or congregations.

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  1. So, since I am over 30 but am too annoyed by Twitter and Facebook but also too impatient for a full blog, is that why I like the “microblogging” of Tumblr? Short and long posts, followed like Twitter, but with depth and content?
    Dang diddly no one told me blogging was out. : )
    I miss my monthly magazines, replaced by weeklies.

  2. I love your weblog, particularly the photos, do you take them yourself? Located in The UK we’re also blessed with a massive wide variety of flora, the most spectacular of which are in all likelihood the spring flora. May I use a few of the pics with my own weblog? I would back-link any photos back here naturally. Claire Rivera

  3. Blogging is slowly becoming like professional magazines. It might not be so popular as a social network, but it is a valuable tool to share thoughts, gain insights and represent concepts. It is much better than the meaningless laughter evoking photos and videos in FB.

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