North to Alaska!


Tomorrow my husband and I will be flying to Seattle in preparation for a cruise into the Inland Passage! The Norwegian Pearl sails (metaphorically speaking) on Sunday afternoon for a week of wonder. I have wanted to do this for years. Thanks, Jon!

Ports of call include Juneau, Skagway, and Kethchikan, a few hours in Victoria, and finally to Vancouver. It is the last cruise of the season. Expected highlight is the cruise through Glacier Bay–everyone raves about it.

Day trips so many thousands of tourists have taken:
Juneau: a smaller boat to go out looking for whales;
Skagway: up to White Pass Summit;
Ketchikan: rainforest canoe and nature trail.

We’ll spend one night in Vancouver then board Amtrak to get back to Seattle. Jon’s daughter, some cousins, and an uncle live there, but alas, we won’t have much time to visit. Back to Austin late the 27th, ready to pick out the best photos to share!

What a grand adventure awaits! Now, let’s see if I can pack an extra sweater….

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  1. The trip sounds wonderful, I hope you had a wonderful time. My husband and I are planning on taking it next year from Chicago, please let us know how you liked it. It will be our first long distance train trip with Amtrak and cruise. All sugguestions and comments will be appreciated.


    • We observed that a number of passengers brought coolers of food with them–easiest were the ones on wheels. Though the trains offer snacks and meals, they are a bit expensive. Security is not so rigid as for air travel…you can keep your shoes on and liquids stowed. We really enjoyed the roomier seats and the ability to walk the length of the train and have a panoramic view of the surroundings. Be sure to find the observation car, typically upstairs and with large windows and comfy chairs. I have been on a train in which a Nat’l Park team described the sights through which we were traveling.

      Train and cruise is a nice way to go!

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