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“Blogging is so 20th century!”


Thus exclaimed a young colleague in a meeting of clergy. What? Am I yet again an old fuddy duddy luddite, always behind the latest trends?

Well, probably so. I was way behind in entering the blogosphere, and now I’m told it’s so yesterday.

She doesn’t want to read a long explanation of anything–just some tweet-length calls to action!

I can appreciate that. Some of us spend way too much time thinking or meeting or planning instead of actually doing something.

Sure enough, in early 2010: Blogging is Out

But that’s probably outdated, too. A Twitter feed really is a good way to keep up with a fast moving story. You get a general impression, but not necessarily up to journalistic standards.

Don’t we need it all? Tweet, post, blog, essay, article, in-depth reporting, systematic thinking, doctoral studies . . . and daily activities, social interaction, conversations, encounters, service, action, experience . . . It all works together to save us from ourselves.

Alone, we are one. Together, the connections continue to mulitply. Then alone again, we are changed.

What do you think?