I started a new website using a WordPress template. I can take advantage of their ability while challenging myself to learn more about this technology.


Consider it a work in progress and do let me know what you think.

Why bother? I am a recent graduate of Formation in Direction, a program offered by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to train people in spiritual formation and direction. Our class (the best one ever!) included clergy and lay people from a cross-section of theologies and life experiences. Now I’m interested in applying what I’ve learned with others. Individual spiritual direction provides a private space to listen to what’s in someone’s heart and help them apply that inner wisdom to daily life. Small groups have the same intention, and there’s a strong chance that collective wisdom will enhance all of our lives. Spirituality does not depend on your particular set of beliefs, but it thrives when you feel connected to the spirit within yourself.

How are your heart and soul today?


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  1. Well, my heart and soul are mightily troubled today, not only for our country, but also–more immediately–by the difficulties of doing my work in correctional institutions. Security, security, security–rules with only mouth service for rehabilitation. I try to focus on my daily tasks instead of the big picture–and then there’s a new rule that makes the daily task more difficult or impossible. I would give up, except for the needs of the people who are incarcerated. It may be a good thing that us “outsiders” (those of us who are not state employees) experience at least some of the daily restrictions that control their lives.

    • Perhaps it is “a good thing,” but how frustrating! Rules can create such high barriers to those of you who provide services. It seems as though they would be grateful to accept quality programs run by volunteers.

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