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An official departing milestone


Since today is March 30 it seems appropriate to mark one month remaining at Live Oak. My focus over the next weeks will be on three primary tasks: sermons, a class I’m teaching on listening ministry, and on transitions–passing on information and saying goodbye. Writing this letter two months ago was poignant for me, a little like ripping off a bandaid:

January 30, 2012

Dear Members of the Policy Committee,

As a formality pursuant to the congregational vote on November 13, 2011, I hereby resign my position as Minister of Congregational Life, effective April 30, 2012.

I very much appreciate your work this year in deciding on the best course of action for Live Oak. It has truly been a learning experience for all of us–an experience we might not have undertaken by choice but by circumstance.

Thank you for your support in multiple ways over the years–as well as the challenges that continue to shape me and my ministry. May you thrive in ways we we cannot yet imagine. I will brag on you at every opportunity!