Clean Out the Gunk


One night, of all things, I cleaned out a stopped up bathroom sink. I hadn’t deliberately put gunk in there–except that it is mostly “my” sink. Maybe I was at least partly responsible for it. In any case, it was up to me to clean it out since I wanted it to flow freely. Toothpaste, mouthwash, dirty hands, occasional hair, and who knows what else built up on the sides of the sink stopper. It wasn’t hard to clean–it just needed the right tool.

Many of my friends and I were not happy about the presidential election and now the inauguration is upon us. Maybe I was at least partly responsible for the state of this country’s political and social divides. As Barbara Kingsolver pointed out several weeks ago, each of us can do something within our sphere of influence–write, teach, call, sing, march, smile–that will make a difference in the free flow of human dignity and individual worth. All our efforts are needed; support for one another is much better than finding fault.

Whatever we do, big or small, will determine our future. Don’t stand by and let the gunk build up! Find the right tool for you and let’s keep working together for a brighter tomorrow.

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  1. About that bathroom sink …… for Lyn’s sink, once a month I put a measure of dishwasher detergent in a large pot of hot water (6-8 quarts), further heat it on the stove, and pour it down the sink drain. Usually takes two pots w/detergent, then a couple just plain hot water. My computer reminds me to do this every month. I’ve never had this problem with my sink, so I’m guessing it’s something you girls put on your face that’s the real culprit. Before I adopted this practice her sink got so slow that I had to use a plumber’s helper on it once or twice. You may find you don’t need to do this every month, so try every second or third for awhile and see.

    About our other shared affliction …… it is true that our country is in far more dire straits than most of us realized. I’ll just share the last of our annual “Christmas Letter” here:

    ” While we were never confident in the outcome of this year’s quaint and bizarre political exercise beforehand, we were not at all prepared for the emotional devastation that resulted. We are increasing our support of those organizations which have earned our allegiance over the last decade. We are hoping that a combination of systemic inertia and incompetence will minimize the lasting harm which will be done to our country, the world, and the human spirit.
    So we approach the end of this very eventful year with refreshed humility, and with gratitude for those blessings we do enjoy. In this, the most extraordinary Holiday season in memory, may we join together in goodwill for all those who suffer. May we be earnest stewards of our beloved Earth, preserving it as far as we are able, for those who come after us. This is also the Winter Solstice, the dark time of the solar year. It was celebrated by the ancients, long before the first Christmas, as a time of renewal and rebirth. In our time may we not forget, and from out of this darkness, may renewal be ever true.”

    God Bless * Inshallah * Om Tat Sat * Shalom

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