Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce, July 26, 2013


There are 200 of us here today—business owners, Congressman Ted Poe, and others. . . . Two hundred uniquely personal faiths . . .

Two hundred different understandings of God. . . .

In this way we are not unlike the world—

A world in which we invest our love and hope as well as money

And we pray together, each in our own way. Let us pray.

God of Many Names, and Mystery of the Highest Order,

We ask that you make your presence known to us through our own religious or spiritual-but-not-religious lens.

God, strengthen our working families, that their jobs will pull them above the poverty line, that they will be able to pay for health care and rent and put food on the table for themselves and their children. Their ability to spend money makes the economy strong and business thrives.

God grant wisdom to teachers who educate our kids for a strong workforce. May there be jobs for them when they graduate from high school; may there be additional training and education available for those who need it.

Now we give thanks, oh God, for this food before us, for the servers, bussers, and cooks, for the chefs and the dishwashers; for the farmers and harvesters and truckers who made it all possible.

Bless this food to our use and us to Thy service.

We offer this prayer in the name of the Highest.


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