New Directions


While I might enjoy playing a role with New Directions on “Glee,” my title actually refers to new directions in ministry.

I don’t actually know what direction I’ll be heading, but various options have been flitting through my head.

I asked friends for advice about what to do. First response: raise chickens! My friend said a person can learn a lot from chickens. True enough: there’s the fowl-like fear of change, development of pecking order, best conditions for egg laying. Hmm. That doesn’t seem quite right, though it would be rather entertaining.

Meanwhile I am looking over the questions posed in the ministerial search process. It is high time for me to update my answers and see what opportunities might be available.

Meanwhile I’m still in my current setting until May and there’s lots of ministry still to do…loving the people and also wanting more for all of us. I’m here until I’m not here. Isn’t that profound? But I intend to do my best through this winter and spring. I’ll be looking for allies to help us all along the way.

About Kathleen

Spiritual Companion since 2016: A spiritual companion simply converses with one person or small group at a time to explore their connections with the universe or higher power of their understanding. Support, companionship, and mutual growth are keys to successful spiritual direction, along with a safe space for exploration. For 25 years I served several congregations as Pastor or as Consultant to pastors and/or congregations.

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  1. Sometimes it is good to be directed to look in new directions. I am constantly working on the direction my life takes. It doesn’t always go where I want, but if I remain flexible then the direction works out eventually!

  2. I remember having to leave a job I thought I really wanted. Now I am so glad for the new opportunities, and I did NOT lose all my friends. Whatever happens, you will still be my friend!

  3. I wish you the best and brightest future you can find. In my heart and in my head, I know you will find a new way to let your soul help others.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Do. Not. Farm. Chickens.

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