Peace through Pie and other Ponderings


Peace through Pie! A great idea launched by Luanne Stovall for MLK Weekend. Pie socials are a great way to bridge the gap between racial groups: inclusive circle, diverse ingredients, and everyone gets a place at the table. My sermon today highlighted the pie social yesterday at Sweet Home Baptist Church, near my house in Clarksville (central Austin). I think we just might do that at Live Oak next year!

I have been working through 3-4 lists to sort out work and local errands and things I’ll need in CA and in India. The India list is a lot longer! The Republic of India has an impressive visa. I’m happy it came through with no problem.

Questions: should I take my laptop or get by with my iPod Touch? What kind of adapter or converter will be necessary?

Someone mentioned an excellent map store on I-35. I can’t find it on the web, though. Anyone know about it?

Have you ever used Dr. Bonner’s soap bars or Soapies or bar-soap shampoo?

As I check things off my lists, one is this morning’s sermon, my last one for a while. Another is the conference call with the Southwest UU Women’s Board. A great conference is shaping up March 4-6 in Dallas. Check it out at

Tomorrow, though, I’ll get ready for the annual Minister’s Retreat at Camp Allen, near Navasota. It’s an Episcopal retreat center in a lovely setting and a beautiful chapel. I’ll bring copies of the roster of attendees. And at least a little bit of the work I still need to complete!

In the midst of the busy making and checking of lists, though, I am taking time for meditation, yoga, and walks. Staying centered will help keep me sane.

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  1. Hi Kathleen,

    I’m excited for you; what an itinerary!
    1) The map store you heard about was probably Mapsco, where we went when we first got to Austin in 2004. They’re gone. They’re still on the internet, but the phone number for that store is answered in Ft. Worth now……..

    Looks like you may have to go online. If so, I recommend:

    It’s a real old-fashioned map store in Seattle (or was when I was there in the late 1980’s) – anyway they appear to still be there. You might be able to call on the phone and talk to a real person who could give you cogent advice about what maps to get, given your precise travel plans.

    2) In my hippy days, when I had longish hair, I used Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint-Castile liquid soap head to toe, and liked it fine. I bet whatever bar soap they have would be good. Also, have you ever tried one of the “pure olive oil” bar soaps? They feel wonderful, and are probably gentle on the hair as well. I, of course, no longer worry about my hair so much, and always use whatever bar soap is to hand.

    Have fun!

    • Thanks, Gaines! I was browsing through the REI website about traveling light and bar shampoo was mentioned. New to me! And thanks much for the map suggestion. No wonder I couldn’t find that store!

      Welcome, Nancy!

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